Clinical Approach in Youth Sports Medicine

Patients' and Guardians' Desired Characteristics in Sports Medicine Surgeons

Jennifer J. Beck, MD; Martha M. Murray, MD; Melissa A. Christino, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2019;27(13):479-485. 

In This Article


This study had several limitations. First, the study was performed at one specific clinic and demographic factors were not addressed as potential biases. The generalizability of this study therefore cannot be determined from these data but will be addressed in future studies by this research team. The aim of this study did not include surgeon demographics beyond sex, nor attire, practice model/location, skill set/training, or case volume. These may be more important which questioned characteristics and may affect survey answers. Second, because of variations in how patients check-in to the clinic, we were unable to calculate an exact response percentage. We know that for the 3 months around the time of the study, the volume of potentially eligible patients was 361, 321, and 315. With 280 completed surveys, this suggests that the response percentage would have been between 70% and 90%, but we were unable to verify this. Despite these limitations, this study was a first step at attempting to assess patient and guardian preferences and how they may differ from each other. Last, patient and guardian comprehension of survey words and questions was not able to be assessed; therefore, accuracy of responses cannot be guaranteed.