Atrial Fibrillation Screening With Photo-plethysmography Through a Smartphone Camera

Frederik H. Verbrugge; Tine Proesmans; Johan Vijgen; Wilfried Mullens; Maximo Rivero-Ayerza; Hugo Van Herendael; Pieter Vandervoort; Dieter Nuyens


Europace. 2019;21(8):1167-1175. 

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Mass screening for AF using only a smartphone with dedicated application based on PPG technology is feasible. In this study, after providing this technology for free and making the public aware by a single advertising article in a local newspaper, screening coverage of the overall population was 1.43%, which was even higher up to 2.5% in age categories most relevant for screening. A potential diagnosis of AF was made in 136 patients (1.1%).