Influence of Peripheral Neuropathy and Microangiopathy on Skin Hydration in the Feet of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus

Sik Namgoong, MD, PhD; Jong-Phil Yang, MD; Seung-Kyu Han, MD, PhD; Ye-Na Lee, MSc, RN, CWCN; Eun Sang Dhong, MD, PhD


Wounds. 2019;31(7):173-178. 

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The subgroup of patients with acceptable skin hydration levels tended to have an acceptable microcirculation state (68.2%, 15/22 patients; Table 2). However, only 31.8% of patients (7/22; Table 3) in this subgroup showed an acceptable diabetic neuropathy state. With respect to the severe xerosis subgroup, the highest proportion of patients (43.2%, 38/88; Table 2) demonstrated severe microangiopathy, but only 12.5% (11/88; Table 3) of patients in this subgroup showed severe peripheral neuropathy. There was a significant correlation between skin hydration and microcirculation (P < .001) but no significant correlation between skin hydration and peripheral nerve function (P = .338; Table 2 and Table 3).