Family and Transplant Professionals' Views of Organ Recovery Before Circulatory Death for Imminently Dying Patients

A Qualitative Study Using Semistructured Interviews and Focus Groups

Christopher J. Zimmermann; Nathan D. Baggett; Lauren J. Taylor; Anne Buffington; Joseph Scalea; Norman Fost; Kenneth D. Croes; Joshua D. Mezrich; Margaret L. Schwarze


American Journal of Transplantation. 2019;19(8):2232-2240. 

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There is much at stake in consideration of organ recovery before circulatory death. Definitions of death and precise rules around organ donation are critical for professional stakeholders, whereas donor families find less moral relevance in these constructs for determining the acceptability of organ donation. With careful implementation, recovery of a single kidney before circulatory death may be an acceptable innovation.