Evaluate Five Different Diagnostic Tests for Dry Mouth Assessment in Geriatric Residents in Long-term Institutions in Taiwan

Yao-Ming Cheng; Shao-Huan Lan; Yen-Ping Hsieh; Shou-Jen Lan; Shang-Wei Hsu


BMC Oral Health. 2019;19(106) 

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The research results verified that RSST results, tooth brushing frequency, and age were the three primary factors influencing dry mouth in the residents living in LTC institutions. RSST < 1 will result in symptoms of dry mouth and dysphagia. For residents who had borderline oral moisture levels and suspected swallowing disorder, dry mouth correlated with tooth brushing frequency. For residents aged > 68 years, oral moisture levels may be inadequate even with normal RSST results. Management and care professionals in LTC institutions should incorporate these finding into existing oral care services and evaluate the results.