Combined Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulator-guided Deep Nerve Block May Decrease the Rate of Local Anesthetics Systemic Toxicity

A Randomized Clinical Trial

Xu-hao Zhang; Yu-jie Li; Wen-quan He; Chun-yong Yang; Jian-teng Gu; Kai-zhi Lu; Bin Y


BMC Anesthesiol. 2019;19(103) 

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Our results suggest that ultrasound guidance, HBV infection and the female sex are risk factors of LAST in LPBs and SNBs. For patients infected with HBV or female patients undergoing LPBs and SNBs, combined ultrasound and nerve stimulation guidance should be used to improve the safety. The probable mechanisms are as follows:1) angiogenesis and slower blood flow in deeply located small vessels; and 2) the use of nerve stimulation to avoid injecting LAs into extremely vascularized areas.