Effectiveness of a Medication Reconciliation Simulation in an Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Course

Kathy Komperda, PharmD; Kelly Lempicki, PharmD


Am J Pharm Educ. 2019;83(4) 

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This study describes a simulated learning exercise focused on teaching medication reconciliation skills in an IPPE course. Scores from the SP encounter support that the combined lecture and workshop significantly improved students' ability to perform medication reconciliation, including obtaining an accurate medication list, correctly identifying medication discrepancies, and proposing appropriate resolutions. The simulated learning exercise also was positively received by students. Overall, students' perceived knowledge and confidence in performing medication reconciliation increased, regardless of group assignment; however, they were not very confident in their abilities. Simulated learning exercises should continue to be incorporated in pharmacy education, especially for pharmacy practice skills such as medication reconciliation.