How to be an Online Nurse Influencer

Amber McCall, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, CNL


Am Nurs Today. 2019;14(6) 

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Tips for Building Followers and Expanding Your Healthcare Impact

I recently searched the online journal indexing sites PubMed and CINAHL for the exact phrase"online influencer." In addition to "influencer" being flagged as "incorrectly" spelled, my search returned only three results for PubMed and one result for CINAHL. Not much has been published on the concept of "influencer" in the medical or nursing literature, but the term is highly significant for nurses today.

When two marketing magazines, MM&M and PR Week, published their 2018 list of top 50 health influencers (, the top 10 spots were dominated by business professionals from companies like Amazon, Apple, CVS Health, and PillPack, and health organization leaders from organizations like the University of Pennsylvania Health System. These individuals are considered change agents within the health sector. These influencers are impressive, but you can have influence, too, even without millions of online followers.