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Cancer Screening: ACS Releases Annual Summary of Recommendations

Am Fam Physician. 2019;99(11):719-722. 

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in U.S. men, with an estimated 164,690 diagnoses in 2018 and an associated 29,430 deaths. Recommendations for early identification of prostate cancer were last published in 2010, with a full update anticipated for 2019. Decisions about screening should be made using an informed decision-making process, with physicians initiating discussions with those at average risk starting at 50 years of age, with those at high risk (e.g., black, family history of a diagnosis at younger than 65 years) at age 45, and those at even higher risk (e.g., family history of multiple diagnoses at younger than 65 years) at age 40.