Topical Diacerein Ointment for Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex

A Review

Allison L. Limmer, BA, BS; Crystal E. Nwannunu, BS; Radhika Shah, BS, MS; Kendall Coleman, BSA; Ravi R. Patel, MD; Uyen Ngoc Mui, MD; Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2019;24(3):7-9. 

In This Article


Topical diacerein, a rhein prodrug, has made a promising impact as an effective treatment for patients with generalized severe EBS. Its mechanism of blocking key inflammatory pathways, as well as its protective effects against collagen destruction, have been shown in clinical trials to result in improved healing and reduction of blister formation. Although diacerein treatment does not correct the underlying genetic defects associated with EBS, it does target the burdensome symptoms accompanying this chronic disorder and can potentially improve the quality of life in affected patients. Therefore, topical diacerein ointment is poised to be an efficacious treatment of EBS, with clinical trials demonstrating reduction in blister severity and improvement in blister healing, in addition to its low-risk side effect profile.