Management of Inflammatory Rheumatic Conditions in the Elderly

Clément Lahaye; Zuzana Tatar; Jean-Jacques Dubost; Anne Tournadre; Martin Soubrier


Rheumatology. 2019;58(5):748-764. 

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In conclusion, IRD management in the elderly is a permanent challenge due to wide heterogeneity in terms of autonomy and comorbidity, several specificities in terms of the clinical presentation and treatment response, and a scarcity of specific literature pertaining to this patient population. Based on an increasing amount of data, biologic treatments appear to be useful tools for controlling disease activity and reducing iatrogenicity in severe IRD, even in the elderly population, limiting the use of more dangerous systemic drugs, such as GCs and NSAIDs. However, elderly patients often remain deprived of effective therapies, primarily due to age. A multidimensional health assessment should be performed in order to build up an integrated therapeutic strategy.