Management of Inflammatory Rheumatic Conditions in the Elderly

Clément Lahaye; Zuzana Tatar; Jean-Jacques Dubost; Anne Tournadre; Martin Soubrier


Rheumatology. 2019;58(5):748-764. 

In This Article

Hypothesis and Search Strategy

Several hypotheses guided our study: biologic treatments could benefit both older and younger people; physiological and pathological ageing associated with comorbidities, as well as co-treatment, could partly explain the risk of serious adverse events (AEs) (e.g. infection, cancer, neoplasia, fractures) observed with treatment; and beyond the specific treatments (DMARDs), a more global care strategy could improve outcomes, such as health related quality of life (HR-QoL) and autonomy.

We searched PubMed's MEDLINE and the Web of Science database for studies published over the past 10 years. The search ended in October 2017. Keywords elderly, ageing, aged, recommendations or guidelines were combined with RA, SpA or PsA. The search was limited to articles published in English. The reference lists of relevant articles and conference proceedings were searched manually.

In this overview, we focus on the therapeutic progress impacting the management of elderly with RA, spondyloarthropathy (SP) and PsA, highlighting gaps in the literature concerning this growing, but under-studied, population