Erectile Dysfunction in Renal Failure and Transplant Patients

Julia V. Fiuk; Nicholas N. Tadros


Transl Androl Urol. 2019;8(2):155-163. 

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ED is an important sequelae of CKD that is often overlooked by providers. The metabolic, homeostatic, hormonal, cardiovascular and neurologic physiology of CKD can all lead to ED (Figure 1). Though its' etiology is multifactorial, treatment for ED in CKD patients achieves success rates comparable to those in a non-CKD population. Renal transplant does not worsen, and indeed may often improve, ED, though ED that persists after transplantation is likely due to multiple preexisting comorbidities.

Figure 1.

The multitudes of pathways, from molecular to psychologic, that impact erectile function in CKD patients. CKD, chronic kidney disease.