Erectile Dysfunction in Renal Failure and Transplant Patients

Julia V. Fiuk; Nicholas N. Tadros


Transl Androl Urol. 2019;8(2):155-163. 

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Role of Renal Transplant on ED

While dialysis itself has not been shown to improve sexual function, several studies report improvement of erectile parameters after renal transplantation.[94–97] The IIEF scores of thirty ESRD patients collected before, 3 months after, and 6 months after renal transplantation showed a significant improvement in 40% of recipients.[97] In another more recent longitudinal study of CKD patients receiving a spectrum of treatment, from peritoneal and hemodialysis to renal transplant, renal transplant patients showed a statistically significant increase in IIEF score.[95] Renal transplantation has also proven to improve sperm motility without changing morphology or sperm count. Additionally, post transplantation serum levels of testosterone significantly increase, while LH, FSH and prolactin significantly decrease.[98,99] In addition to the normalization of hormonal and metabolic functions post-transplant, there is a significant improvement of psychosocial parameters in transplant recipients, which likely impacts sexual function as well.[100] It is important to note that there is a notable population of post-transplant patients with persistent ED, likely due to the fact that transplant alone cannot eliminate all comorbidities affecting both renal and erectile function.[101,102]