Immediate Treatment of Acute HIV in a Tertiary Healthcare Center

Bridging Gaps in Communication Using Smartphones

S Perez-Patrigeon; A Camiro-Zúñiga; MR Jaramillo-Jante; PF Belaunzarán-Zamudio; B Crabtree-Ramírez; LE Soto-Ramírez; JJ Calva; C Hernández-León; JL Mosqueda-Gómez; S Navarro-Alvarez; JG Sierra-Madero


HIV Medicine. 2019;20(5):308-316. 

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As evidence supporting immediate ART initiation accumulates, implementation of this strategy in different settings should be explored. By creating a multidisciplinary approach using instant communication technology, we have demonstrated that this strategy is feasible in patients with acute HIV infection in the setting of a mid-income country challenged by substantial administrative and bureaucratic hurdles. Immediate ART should be evaluated in selected groups of chronically infected patients in similar settings.