The 70th Anniversary of Glucocorticoids in Rheumatic Diseases

The Second Youth of an Old Friend

Yannick Palmowski; Thomas Buttgereit; Frank Buttgereit


Rheumatology. 2019;58(4):580-587. 

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New GC Formulations

Another way to improve the benefit:risk ratio of GC treatment, apart from the need for better evidence and recommendations for the use of conventional GCs, is the development of novel GC formulations. Although the various substances all share the common goal of reducing undesired effects while preserving or even enhancing the anti-inflammatory potential, the complex mechanisms through which GCs take effect and their interdependency with endogenous circadian rhythms allow for very different approaches. This has resulted in an interesting area of research with a variety of promising new agents, some of which are still in development while others have already been introduced.