Postoperative Remote Lung Injury and Its Impact on Surgical Outcome

Lin Chen; Hailin Zhao; Azeem Alam; Emma Mi; Shiori Eguchi; Shanglong Yao; Daqing Ma


BMC Anesthesiol. 2019;19(30) 

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A study carried out by Blum et al. demonstrated that the incidence of ARDS in patients who have undergone non-cardiothoracic surgery is 0.2%.[6] Kogan et al. conducted a retrospective study on the incidence and mortality of ARDS in patients after cardiac surgery. Although the incidence is low at just 0.61%, the mortality rate is significantly high at 40.5%.[7] However, others reported that the incidence of ARDS after surgery is as high as 20% and the mortality rate is up to 80%.[8] One recent research indicated that the incidence of ARDS is comparable after abdominal surgery and thoracic surgery with incidences of 3.4 and 4.3% respectively.[9] Although no estimated incidence of ALI has been investigated, a prospective study demonstrated that 1113 out of 6235 patients in the King County Lung Injury Project (KCLIP) cohort suffered from ALI.[10] The observed differences in incidence rate may be due to the different in patient population and protocols used. Interestingly, the incidence of ARDS of all causes in Spain and Northern Europe is lower than that in the United States.[11,12] Although no comparison between different countries has been discussed, the difference in the incidence of ARDS in various countries may also apply to postoperative ARDS.