Postoperative Remote Lung Injury and Its Impact on Surgical Outcome

Lin Chen; Hailin Zhao; Azeem Alam; Emma Mi; Shiori Eguchi; Shanglong Yao; Daqing Ma


BMC Anesthesiol. 2019;19(30) 

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Postoperative remote lung injury is not an uncommon condition clinically, and it is associated with adverse effects on overall patient survival. The pathological mechanisms are complex, involving cytokines and DAMPs released by injured organs or surgical sites. As a result, the normal function of the respiratory system is compromised, contributing to the development of lung injury. Due to the poor outcome associated with postoperative remote lung injury, predicting the population at risk is critical in order to facilitate lung injury prevention at the incipient stage. Approaches to ameliorate the pathological effects of postoperative remote lung injury are still required and necessitate further investigation, particularly utilizing well-powered, randomized controlled trials.