Hyaluronic Acid-Based Products Are Strictly Contraindicated in Scleroderma-Related Skin Ulcers

Giulio Gualdi, MD; Paola Monari, MD; Daniele Cammalleri, MD; Laura Pelizzari, MD; Piergiacomo Calzavara Pinton, PhD


Wounds. 2019;31(3):81-84. 

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A limitation of this study is its retrospective nature. The authors evaluated only 3 types of HA-based products that are present inside the authors' hospital. A larger study comparing all products containing HA on the international market would help highlight the most effective HA-based products. Although the data herein clearly underline that different etiologies of skin ulcers may modify the clinical response to local therapy, a wider study with more patients will certainly be useful in strengthening this hypothesis.