Should Medicine Offer Money-Back Guarantees?

March 20, 2019

In China, Pfizer will reimburse up to 33% of the cost of its breast cancer drug palbociclib (Ibrance) if a patient's disease progresses within 4 months, reports the drug industry news website Fierce Pharma Asia. The Chinese arrangement is the country's first "pay-for-performance" insurance program in oncology, according to news site China Daily .

The oral therapy is used in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer that is estrogen receptor–positive and HER2-negative. The money-back arrangement is part of the company's patient benefit management program, launched in January, for those with breast cancer.

The program reflects Pfizer's "active undertaking of its corporate social duties," said Wu Kun of Pfizer China in a related press statement. There are no plans to offer this arrangement in the United States where, according to, the drug costs $12,900 for a single bottle (21 capsules).


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