Health-Related Quality of Life Varies in Different Respiratory Disorders

A Multi-case Control Population Based Study

Veronica Cappa; Alessandro Marcon; Gianfranco Di Gennaro; Liliya Chamitava; Lucia Cazzoletti; Cristina Bombieri; Morena Nicolis; Luigi Perbellini; Silvia Sembeni; Roberto de Marco; Francesco Spelta; Marcello Ferrari; Maria Elisabetta Zanolin


BMC Pulm Med. 2019;19(32) 

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Summary at a Glance

We conducted a population-based study investigating the differences in HRQL across the most common chronic respiratory disorders. Unlike previous studies, we were able to consider several diseases simultaneously by using a multicase-control design. COPD, asthma and chronic bronchitis showed worse physical and mental SF-36 scores than controls.