The Burden of Childhood Atopic Dermatitis in the Primary Care Setting

A Report From the Meta-LARC Consortium

Jinan Al-naqeeb, MD, MPH; Sankirtana Danner, MA, CCRP; Lyle J. Fagnan, MD; Katrina Ramsey, MPH; LeAnn Michaels; Julie Mitchell; Kelsey Branca, MPH; Cynthia Morris, PhD, MPH; Donald E. Nease, Jr., MD; Linda Zittleman, MSPH; Barcey Levy, MD, PhD; Jeanette Daly, RN, PhD; David Hahn, MD, MS; Rowena J. Dolor, MD, MHS; Hywel C. Williams, DSc, FMedSci; Joanne R. Chalmers, PhD, BSc; Jon Hanifin, MD; Susan Tofte, RN, FNP; Katharine E. Zuckerman, MD, MPH; Karen Hansis; Mollie Gundersen; Julie Block; Francie Karr; Sandra Dunbrasky, MD; Kathy Siebe, CPNP; Kristen Dillon, MD; Ricardo Cibotti, PhD; Jodi Lapidus, PhD; Eric L. Simpson, MD, MCR


J Am Board Fam Med. 2019;32(2):191-200. 

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