PROMIS Physical Function Score Strongly Correlates With Legacy Outcome Measures in Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Benjamin Khechen, BA; Brittany E. Haws, MD; Dil V. Patel, BS; Mundeep S. Bawa, BA; Islam M. Elboghdady, MD; Eric H. Lamoutte, BS; Sailee S. Karmarkar, BS; Kern Singh, MD


Spine. 2019;44(6):442-446. 

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PROMIS PF affords patients greater convenience by minimizing the time required for PRO survey completion. In the current study, patients undergoing MIS LD demonstrated significant improvements in PROMIS PF, ODI, VAS back, and VAS leg postoperatively. Additionally, improvements in PROMIS PF score at each postoperative time point were determined to be significantly correlated with ODI, VAS back, and VAS leg. Our study demonstrates PROMIS PF score has utility as a postoperative outcome measure following MIS LD, and suggests PROMIS PF score may be used to estimate functional disability and back and leg pain following MIS LD. Large-scale, prospective validity assessments are needed in procedure-specific populations to further understand the capabilities of PROMIS PF.