PROMIS Physical Function Score Strongly Correlates With Legacy Outcome Measures in Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Benjamin Khechen, BA; Brittany E. Haws, MD; Dil V. Patel, BS; Mundeep S. Bawa, BA; Islam M. Elboghdady, MD; Eric H. Lamoutte, BS; Sailee S. Karmarkar, BS; Kern Singh, MD


Spine. 2019;44(6):442-446. 

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A total of 41 MIS LD patients with complete PRO data were included in this analysis. Table 1 details the baseline characteristics of the patient population. The average age was 50.3 years and 68.3% of patients were male. Perioperative outcomes are described in Table 2. A majority of patients underwent a primary MIS LD (82.9%) and were treated at a single level (60.0%). No complications were identified during the intraoperative and immediate postoperative periods.

Changes in PROs from preoperative to postoperative time points are detailed in Table 3. The mean preoperative PROMIS PF score was 35.36. Significant improvements in PROMIS PF scores were identified at 6-week (38.71, P = 0.005), 12-week (42.66, P < 0.001), and at the 6-month (42.28, P < 0.001) postoperative time points. The mean preoperative ODI, VAS back pain, and VAS leg pain scores were 42.97, 6.36, and 6.06, respectively. Significant improvements in ODI, VAS back, and VAS leg pain were identified at all postoperative time points (P < 0.001 each).

Figure 1 illustrates PROMIS PF score correlations with Legacy PRO scores. PROMIS demonstrated strong correlations with ODI preoperatively and at all postoperative time points (|r| = 0.5735–0.8144, P < 0.001). Additionally, PROMIS was determined to strongly correlate with VAS back pain (|r| = 0.5332–0.7270, P < 0.001) and VAS leg pain (|r| = 0.5257–0.6412, P < 0.001) at all postoperative time points. PROMIS scores were moderately correlated with preoperative VAS leg pain (|r| = 0.3954, P = 0.011) and did not correlate with preoperative VAS back pain (P > 0.05).

Figure 1.

Bar graph illustrating Pearson correlation coefficients between PROMIS physical function and legacy outcome instruments. Correlations between Oswestry disability index, VAS Back, or VAS leg were significant at all timepoints (P < 0.01), with exception to preoperative VAS leg score. PROMIS indicates patient-reported outcomes measurement information system; VAS, visual analogue scale.