Sleep-Disordered Breathing Is Associated With Recurrent Ischemic Stroke

Brown, Devin L. MD; Shafie-Khorassani, Fatema MPH; Kim, Sehee PhD; Chervin, Ronald D. MD, MS; Case, Erin BA; Morgenstern, Lewis B. MD; Yadollahi, Azadeh PhD; Tower, Susan MD; Lisabeth, Lynda D. PhD


Stroke. 2019;50(3):571-576. 

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In short, this large prospective multicenter study of diverse ischemic stroke patients showed that objectively measured SDB was associated with recurrent ischemic stroke but not mortality, after adjustment for potential confounders. SDB was not identified as an explanation for the previously identified higher risk of recurrent stroke in MAs compared with NHWs. Nonetheless, our results support the need for a trial of SDB treatment for prevention of recurrent stroke regardless of ethnicity. The recently initiated multicenter study entitled Sleep SMART (Sleep for Stroke Management and Recovery Trial) will directly address this issue as one of its primary aims.