What Do You Think of Medicare for All?

March 06, 2019

A group of House Democrats has unveiled plans for "Medicare for All" legislation, which would seek to replace private health insurance with a new, federally financed healthcare system. The proposal would be phased in over 2 years and would expand government-funded insurance to cover a broad range of benefits, including abortion and prescription drugs, as well as dental and vision care.

Proponents of the plan say it would align our system with what the rest of the industrialized world offers its citizens, save money, and improve outcomes. Detractors say the program would strain government finances and that there are better, cheaper, more effective solutions.

The bill has more than 100 Democratic cosponsors but isn't expected to pass committee. So far, details are scarce; the proposed legislation doesn't specify a price tag or a way to pay for the overhaul.


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