Use of Prophylactic Mesh When Creating a Colostomy Does not Prevent Parastomal Hernia

A Randomized Controlled Trial-STOMAMESH

Christoffer Odensten, MD; Karin Strigård, MD, PhD; Jörgen Rutegård, MD, PhD; Michael Dahlberg, MD, PhD; Ulrika Ståhle, MD; Ulf Gunnarsson, MD, PhD; Pia Näsvall, MD, PhD


Annals of Surgery. 2019;269(3):427-431. 

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In routine surgical care, no difference in rate of PSH can be seen when creating an elective colostomy with or without a reinforcing mesh. The management of PSH is still a considerable surgical challenge and there is no generally accepted method for its prevention. Further research should focus on developing preventive measures and improving methods for PSH repair.