Disease Presentation and Remission Rate in Graves Disease Treated With Antithyroid Drugs

Is Gender Really a Factor?

Talia Diker-Cohen, MD, PhD; Hadar Duskin-Bitan, MD; Ilan Shimon, MD; Dania Hirsch, MD; Amit Akirov, MD; Gloria Tsvetov, MD; Eyal Robenshtok, MD


Endocr Pract. 2019;25(1):43-50. 

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In summary, our results and others indicate that gender does not play a major role in the response to ATD therapy, either in remission or recurrence rates. Though there was a trend for more remission in female subjects in this cohort, the difference from male subjects was not statistically significant. We believe that the notable response of males to ATD treatment per se lends credence to a trial of ATDs as first-line therapy with no consideration of the patient's sex. We conclude that given the high rates of remission after ATD therapy among males and females with similar disease presentation, with fewer adverse events and less discontinuation of treatment in males, ATDs are an attractive first-line treatment in Graves disease for both genders.