Clinicopathological Features of He Shou Wu-induced Liver Injury

This Ancient Anti-aging Therapy Is Not Liver-friendly

Yan Wang; Lan Wang; Romil Saxena; Aileen Wee; Ruiyuan Yang; Qiuju Tian; Jiping Zhang; Xinyan Zhao; Jidong Jia


Liver International. 2019;39(2):389-400. 

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We report 29 patients with He Shou Wu-induced liver injury. All patients presented with hepatocellular injury patterns with varying levels of hyper bilirubinemia. The histological findings appear to be related to the timing of liver biopsy with the course and severity of liver disease. The initial injury is a moderate to severe hepatitis. As the inflammation resolves, canalicular cholestasis becomes more apparent. Although most patients recover completely after cessation of He Shou Wu, a small but significant minority progress to chronic liver disease and rare cases may develop liver failure leading to death or requiring liver transplantation.