Using the New INTRABEAM Mobile Intraoperative Radiotherapy System During Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer

A Case Report

Xiaodong Song; Zili Shao; Huihong Liang


J Med Case Reports. 2019;13(23) 

In This Article


In summary, based on the case described here, we conclude that using the low-energy INTRABEAM system for pancreatic cancer IORT is safe and can be applied to cases of radical resection or suspicious tumor remnants. Moreover, we conclude that the flatbed source applicator was the best fit for the tumor bed of pancreatic cancer. Although our patient experienced significant pain relief, the long-term efficacy of this approach remains unclear, and large controlled studies are needed to validate our findings. There is a need for preliminary studies for using the INTRABEAM system in pancreatic cancer, including optimal radiation dose, radiation time, and source applicator choice.