The Evaluation of a Better Intubation Strategy When Only the Epiglottis Is Visible

A Randomized, Cross-over Mannequin Study

Tzu-Yao Hung; Li-Wei Lin; Yu-Hang Yeh; Yung-Cheng Su; Chieh-Hung Lin; Ten-Fang Yang


BMC Anesthesiol. 2019;19(8) 

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When tested on a manikin, lifting the epiglottis with stylets as an adjunctive technique can facilitate and improve the success rate of intubation in difficult airway, such as C-L III, under direct laryngoscopy without increasing the difficulty of the intubation. Our study suggests that based on proper laryngoscope management, using the tip of the stylet-equipped ET to lift the epiglottis and following the anterior part of larynx can significantly facilitate tracheal intubation where only the epiglottis is seen.