The Year in Cardiology 2018: Acute Coronary Syndromes

Petr Widimsky; Filippo Crea; Ronald K. Binder; Thomas F. Lüscher


Eur Heart J. 2019;40(3):271-282. 

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Long Term-outcome

Takotsubo Syndrome

Ghadri et al. compared long-term mortality of patients with Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) from the International Takotsubo Registry to an age- and sex-matched cohort of patients with ACS. In addition, short- and long-term outcomes were compared between different groups according to triggering conditions.[40] Overall, 1613 TTS patients had a comparable long-term mortality risk with ACS patients. TTS patients triggered by physical stress showed higher mortality rates than ACS patients during long-term follow-up, whereas TTS triggered by emotional stress had better outcomes their ACS comparators. As a consequence, the authors propose a new classification based on triggers, which can serve as a clinical tool to predict short- and long-term outcomes of TTS (Table 2).