Relationship of Lifestyle, Exercise, and Nutrition With Glaucoma

Claudio I. Perez; Kuldev Singh; Shan Lin


Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2019;30(2):82-88. 

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Iron and Calcium

Calcium and iron are directly related with oxidative stress processes, and thus could be correlated with a higher risk of POAG. Data from a population-based study showed that a greater total consumption of calcium and iron might be associated with increased odds of glaucoma.[58] Surprisingly, dietary rather than supplemental consumption of these oxidants was found to be associated with lower odds of glaucoma.[58] A possible explanation for the differences between total intake and dietary intake being associated with glaucoma is that calcium and iron absorbed from foods have different biological forms and peak levels relative to the absorption of these minerals when taken in the form of supplements. Larger prospective studies are needed to corroborate those findings.