Lung Nodule Management

An Interventional Pulmonology Perspective

Udit Chaddha, MBBS; Jonathan S. Kurman, MD, MBA; Amit Mahajan, MD, FCCP; D. Kyle Hogarth, MD


Semin Respir Crit Care Med. 2018;39(6):661-666. 

In This Article


With their ever-increasing safety and accuracy, bronchoscopic modalities are being increasingly used as the approach of choice to diagnose most lung nodules. Future research is likely to focus on the continued development and finessing of these techniques and their combined use to best diagnose nodules. Randomized, comparative data for the newer techniques are still lacking and the cost-effectiveness of most approaches is yet to be determined. Current practices largely depend on local expertise and what technologies are available and affordable to the particular institution. The feasibility, accuracy, and safety of these techniques have however, encouraged the recent interest in bronchoscopy-guided ablation of peripheral pulmonary nodules. The day when we diagnose and treat an early-stage cancer in a single bronchoscopy session may not be too far away.