Novel Therapies in Urothelial Carcinoma

A Biomarker-Driven Approach

G. Iyer; J. E. Rosenberg


Ann Oncol. 2018;29(12):2302-2312. 

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Currently, cisplatin-based-based chemotherapy is standard first-line treatment of metastatic UC. Although treatment options after failure of platinum-based therapy are improving, they remain suboptimal; new approaches are therefore needed. Novel biomarkers may allow rational patient selection and the range of targeted agents being investigated is promising, with particular interest in those targeting FGFR3. Despite promise in other areas, the utility of EGFR and HER2 alterations as predictive biomarkers for patient selection for tyrosine kinase inhibition remains unclear in UC. Reconceptualizing chemotherapy is also an area in which targeting of patients to maximize outcomes is being evaluated. The variety of novel therapies in development for UC and progress in biomarker-driven approaches is encouraging for enabling future shifts in the treatment paradigm to optimize individual patient management.