An Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Urinary Incontinence

Nicole Zhang


Urol Nurs. 2018;38(6):289-295. 

In This Article

Realm of UI

The information used to develop this concept analysis specifically focuses on aging individuals with UI. While these individuals may reside in any location, much of the literature focuses on those residing in extended care facilities. Quantitative data on this topic are primarily limited to data prevalence and/or studies. These data use the minimum data set (MDS), a documentation and assessment tool utilized by long-term care resident facilities to draw conclusions and document the care needs of residents.

The published literature examined for this analysis ranged from 1950 to 2017. Types of literature examined were primarily those of nursing and philosophy; however, references to other concepts and constructs through the literature led to some ideas dating back to Aristotle. The intent of the search was to be very broad; however, upon searching history, social work, and other databases, there was little to no mention of UI or incontinence in general. Specific databases and search terms will be described in the methods section.