Plastic Surgery Faces the Web

Analysis of the Popular Social Media for Plastic Surgeons

Yeela Ben Naftali; Ori Samuel Duek; Sheizaf Rafaeli; Yehuda Ullmann


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2018;6(12):e1958 

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The Internet and social media networks are of great importance, especially in the field of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons lag behind in the ever-increasing competition for attention, and they must find a way to utilize these tools for patient education, advertising and defense from inaccuracy and online shaming. These research findings may aid this journey by shedding light upon best practices with social media.

The study's main insights were to use Instagram, personal stories, educational post, videos and other unique inputs, and involve celebrities in the posts.

As internet use and social media become ubiquitous, it is best to embrace these phenomena, along with exercising necessary precautions, so that they do not become a double-edged sword for users.