The Impact of Currently Licensed Therapies on Viral and Immune Responses in Chronic Hepatitis B

Considerations for Future Novel Therapeutics

Upkar S. Gill; Patrick T. F. Kennedy


J Viral Hepat. 2019;26(1):4-15. 

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In order to achieve functional cure in HBV, suppression of HBV replication and a robust host immune response are paramount. Many strategies are currently being exploited both as viral and immune targets. How best to employ these therapies, whether they should be used in isolation or in combination with currently licensed therapies remains to be seen. NAs and Peg-IFNα used either in combination, sequentially or as "add-on" therapies have shown encouraging results in terms of clinical outcome along with changes in viral immune responses. However, these studies are limited in number; thus, comprehensive analyses of the innate and adaptive immune responses along with viral parameters performed in parallel with large clinical trials are mandated to better understand clinical outcomes of combination strategies. These results will be critical in determining how best to employ novel therapeutics and whether these novel agents should be used in combination with currently licensed therapies to maximize treatment response in a broad range of patients.