The Many Forms of HPV: Recognition and Management

Gordon H. Sun, MD, MS


January 14, 2019

Risky Business

Image from Dreamstime

A 22-year-old male college student presented to the nurse practitioner at the university clinic, asking to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including human papillomavirus (HPV). The patient stated that his new girlfriend insisted that he be tested before they became sexually intimate. The patient admitted that he had been reluctant to undergo STI screening because he felt it was unnecessary, believing that "everyone has HPV" and that there was nothing his girlfriend should be worried about.

The patient had no known medical issues or surgical history. He reported that he was a nonsmoker and consumed alcohol intermittently. He was not currently on any medications and had no known drug or environmental allergies.

On physical examination, the patient was well-appearing and asymptomatic. His vital signs were within normal limits. The physical examination was completely normal.


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