Exogenous Estrogen Therapy, Testicular Cancer, and the Male to Female Transgender Population

A Case Report

Gursimran Chandhoke; Bobby Shayegan; Sebastien J. Hotte


J Med Case Reports. 2019;12(373) 

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Case Summary

In summary, we have presented a case of a previously healthy 38-year-old male to female transgendered patient who, after being on exogenous estrogen therapy for 15 months, presented with a stage IIIC germ cell tumor. She was treated with BEP × four cycles, after which she underwent a radical inguinal orchiectomy which revealed no evidence of residual malignancy. Restaging CT scans following the completion of chemotherapy revealed a 6 cm retroperitoneal mass which was not amenable to surgical resection. As such, she was followed with serial imaging with PET/CT scans every 3 months. It is now over 2 years since the time of diagnosis, and she has no evidence of disease recurrence.