Difficult-to-Diagnose Diabetes in a Patient Treated With Cyclophosphamide

The Contradictory Roles of Immunosuppressant Agents: A Case Report

Manuel García-Sáenz; Daniel Uribe-Cortés; Claudia Ramírez-Rentería; Aldo Ferreira-Hermosillo


J Med Case Reports. 2019;12(364) 

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We present the case of a patient with a difficult to classify diabetes who lacked the traditional clinical or biochemical markers for the common types of diabetes. She developed insulin deficiency, with high insulin requirements and decreased serum C-peptide. After ruling out the most common causes for diabetes, we considered that her hyperglycemic crisis might be at least partially related to the CY treatment. Until further evidence is published, glucose monitoring of patients being treated with this drug may be useful, especially if other risk factors for hyperglycemia are present.