Advanced Basal Cell Cancer: Concise Review of Molecular Characteristics and Novel Targeted and Immune Therapeutics

M. Nikanjam; P. R. Cohen; S. Kato; J. K. Sicklick; R. Kurzrock


Ann Oncol. 2018;29(11):2192-2199. 

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Chemotherapy in Advanced and Metastatic BCC

Prior treatment efforts focused on platinum-based therapies. Platinum-based therapy as either a single agent or in combination has shown responses for advanced BCC.[15] A phase I–II study administered cisplatin as a continuous i.v. infusion for a variety of tumor types and found a partial and a complete response (CR) for two patients with disseminated BCC (4 total responses in 25 total assessable patients for all tumor types).[16] Case reports have shown responses to cisplatin and paclitaxel,[17] cisplatin and vinblastine,[18] cisplatin and cyclophosphamide,[19] and carboplatin and paclitaxel.[20] Overall response rates of metastatic BCC have been reported as high as 77% with cisplatin-based treatment.[21] However, most patients eventually relapse and die of their disease.