Frequency, Timing, and Types of Medication Ordering Errors Made by Residents in the Electronic Medical Records Era

Ari Garber, MD, EdD; Amy S. Nowacki, PhD; Alexander Chaitoff, MPH; Andrei Brateanu, MD; Colleen Y. Colbert, PhD; Seth R. Bauer, PharmD; Zubin Arora, MD; Ali Mehdi, MD; Simon Lam, PharmD; Abby Spencer, MD; Michael B. Rothberg, MD, MPH


South Med J. 2019;112(1):25-31. 

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We found that medication order errors occur in at least 4% of all inpatient medication orders placed by internal medicine trainees at our institution and that antimicrobials are the single most error-prone medication class requiring pharmacy intervention. Although the EMR holds the potential to decrease frequent causes of prescribing errors, namely failure to consider renal impairment, additional supervision and education of residents may be necessary, particularly in August and September, and oversight by a clinical pharmacist continues to be valuable at all times.