Current Topics in Women's Sports Medicine

Evaluation and Treatment of the Female Athlete

Miho J. Tanaka, MD


Curr Orthop Pract. 2019;30(1):11-15. 

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As the number and type of female athletes continue to increase, our role as sports medicine surgeons is to meet the needs of this rapidly evolving field by improving our knowledge of the injuries, treatments, and outcomes that are specific to this population. Our understanding of injury prevention and long-term outcomes after ACL injuries are still evolving, yet this is a clear area for future studies in female athletes. The role of gender in concussions and its relationship to musculoskeletal injuries continues to be explored. The unique element of pregnancy, which has gained increasing attention in the public and will continue to do so as women continue to be more active during all phases of their lives, leads to a greater need for multidisciplinary care. Because of this, women's sports medicine programs that promote close collaboration with specialists who can augment our knowledge of the treatment of sports medicine conditions and promote awareness of the rapidly changing field, can allow us to continually improve the level of care for female athletes.