The IASP Classification of Chronic Pain for ICD-11: Chronic Primary Pain

Michael Nicholas; Johan W.S. Vlaeyen; Winfried Rief; Antonia Barke; Qasim Aziz; Rafael Benoliel; Milton Cohen; Stefan Evers; Maria Adele Giamberardino; Andreas Goebel; Beatrice Korwisi; Serge Perrot; Peter Svensson; Shuu-Jiun Wang; Rolf-Detlef Treede; The IASP Taskforce for the Classification of Chronic Pain


Pain. 2019;160(1):83-87. 

In This Article

The Need for a Classification

To overcome the shortcomings identified in previous and current versions of both DSM and ICD, this article proposes for ICD-11 the new diagnosis of CPP, which would be appropriate independently of identified biological or psychological contributors unless another diagnosis would better account for the presenting symptoms. The goal was to create a classification that will be useful in both primary care and in specialized pain management settings. It is also proposed that, as much as possible, the classification of pain conditions should be cast in "positive" terms, using "observable" concepts, and that diagnosis "by exclusion" should be avoided.[56]