National Trends and Factors Associated With Inpatient Mortality in Adult Patients With Opioid Overdose

Brittany N. Burton, MHS, MAS; Timothy C. Lin, MAS; Engy T. Said, MD; Rodney A. Gabriel, MD, MAS


Anesth Analg. 2019;128(1):152-160. 

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In this retrospective study, we reported national trends, evaluated factors associated with inpatient mortality, and explored various morbidity points in patients with opioid overdose. Despite recent efforts to curtail the opioid epidemic and its devastating impact, our results show that the epidemic is shifting from one driven by prescription use to one driven by illicit use. Medical management of not only the opioid overdose but also the comorbidity burden calls for a multidisciplinary approach that involves policy makers and health care teams.