Texas Oncologist Charged With Sexual Assault

Roxanne Nelson, RN, BSN

December 19, 2018

A Texas oncologist has been charged with sexual assaults on former employees and is also accused of sexual assault by a former patient. His attorney says all the allegations are false.

Eugenio Gerardo Galindo, MD, who previously served as medical director of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Cancer Center and has a private practice in Edinburg, Texas, turned himself in to police and was arraigned on two counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault, according to a report in The Monitor, a newspaper based in McAllen, Texas. His cash bond was set at $20,000 for the three charges, and Galindo posted bond the same day he was arrested.

The probable cause affidavits, which were released by Edinburg police and obtained by The Monitor, identify three women who allege that Galindo sexually assaulted them.

In 2015, a member of his staff who also worked at Doctors Hospital as cancer patient navigator reported that Galindo sexually assaulted her in 2011.

As the police investigated her accusations, they learned about a second alleged assault that also occurred in 2011 and also with a woman who was an employee. In this case, Galindo allegedly pinned her against a wall in his private office, began kissing her, and grabbed her breasts.

An attempted sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2012 was also revealed as the investigation continued. This time it involved a former employee, who reported that she quit "because of his unwanted sexual advances towards her," according to the affidavit.

Ricardo L. Salinas, the attorney representing Galindo, did not respond when contacted by Medscape Medical News for comment.

Civil Lawsuit

In addition to the criminal charges, Galindo is being sued in a civil lawsuit by a former patient who has accused him of assaulting her during a routine check-up. The lawsuit states that after telling the plaintiff that "everything looked good," he leaned forward and pushed her towards the wall when she stood up to leave. He then kissed her and "forced his tongue in her mouth."

The patient alleges that she pushed back, yelled at him to stop, and then fled the exam room. As a result of the assault, according to the lawsuit, she suffered "severe emotional distress," went months without a follow-up appointment, and "was very concerned because she no longer had an oncologist that she could trust."

Attorney Ronald G. Hole, who is representing Galindo in this case, told Medscape Medical News that "these allegations, both the criminal ones and the civil ones, are false and will be vigorously defended. If the criminal charges are not dropped for lack of evidence or for very inconsistent stories being told, then they will be defended and a not-guilty verdict will hopefully be obtained."

As to the civil case, Hole noted, it involves a former patient who has filed suit seeking monetary damages for an alleged attempt to kiss her. "This never happened," he said. "This allegation is also false, and this case is also being vigorously defended.

"Because of the serious nature of this charge, and its falsity, a motion for sanctions for the filing of a frivolous lawsuit will soon be filed on the doctor's behalf seeking sanctions and attorney's fees, " Hole continued. "The criminal charges, which evidently allege conduct over 5 years ago, are obviously a direct attempt by this person seeking money to force Dr Galindo into making some sort of monetary settlement, which he will not do. He has done nothing wrong.

"In short, the allegations are false and will be proven to be so in a court of law, if not dropped," he added. 

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