Cerebellar Large B-cell Lymphoma: A Case Report

Malik Ghannam; Shaden Mansour; Fareed Jumah; Brent Berry; Albertine Beard


J Med Case Reports. 2018;12(341) 

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PCNSL is a rare disease with an increasing incidence in both immunocompromised and immunocompetent individuals. Our patient, who had multiple lesions in the cerebellum, highlights two unusual presentations of this rare disease that made the initial diagnosis particularly challenging. Because imaging in this disease is nondiagnostic, biopsy is crucial to differentiating PCNSL from malignant and benign lesions that present in a similar manner and appear similar on imaging. The highly aggressive nature of PCNSL necessitates timely diagnosis and intervention. Therefore, physicians must include this disease in their differential diagnosis of mass lesions found in the central nervous system.