Acute Respiratory Failure and Pulmonary Complications in End-Stage Liver Disease

Nida Qadir, MD; Tisha Wang, MD; Igor Barjaktarevic, MD, PhD; Steven Y. Chang, MD, PhD


Semin Respir Crit Care Med. 2018;39(5):546-555. 

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Management of Acute Respiratory Failure

Regardless of the etiology, the consequent development of acute respiratory failure in patients with ESLD has reported ICU mortality rates of 50 to 75%[56–60] and a 1-year mortality rate of 89%[58] when IMV is required. Cirrhosis is associated with worse outcomes in mechanically ventilated patients. Lai et al recently demonstrated that patients with cirrhosis requiring IMV had higher mortality than propensity-matched noncirrhotics on IMV.[59] In light of the high risk of death in these patients, appropriate management of acute respiratory failure is imperative.