Radiological Case: Polyorchidism With Intermittent Testicular Torsion

Dana Sylvestre; Adam S. Brown, MD; Deborah Conway, MD


Appl Radiol. 2018;47(11):42-43. 

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Case Summary

A 55-year-old man with a history of seizure disorder and depression presented to the emergency department (ED) with scrotal swelling and testicular pain. The patient reported symptoms of incomplete bladder emptying, pain posterior to the scrotum, and pain with bowel movements. He also reported scrotal swelling over the last 3 years. He conveyed suspicion of a scrotal mass. On physical examination, the penis and epididymides were normal with no lesions, discharge, or palpable masses. There was no tenderness on palpation of the perineal region. Gonorrhea/chlamydia testing was negative. Testicular Doppler US of the scrotum and testicles demonstrated polyorchidism with suggestion of subacute/chronic testicular torsion. On re-examination, the patient was clinically stable with improvement of symptoms. He was discharged from the ED and advised to seek urology follow-up care.